Monday, November 24, 2014

God Wire

After Lexi was born, and before Beau and I bought a house, we lived in an apartment by Woodland Hills Mall.  It was during that time that I had a dream that was very significant to me.  For those that know me well, you’re probably thinking, “Oh my goodness, here she goes with the dreams!”  But, I do believe that God speaks to us in many ways, very individual ways.  For me, I do believe he sends me dreams.  In the dream, I was sitting on the porch in the apartment and I was looking up at the sky of stars, which were bright and beautiful.  While I was looking up at the stars, I was thinking about the vast universe and how big it is.  In my dream I began to doubt God and began to wonder how he could have made the world or even the universe.   I was thinking, “There’s just no way!”  Then, still in my dream, the stars starting falling from the sky!!!  It was truly an All Powerful and a “waking” moment – ya know, when you wake up because your falling type of feeling.  A month or so later, I was sitting on the porch of my apartment and I was looking up at the night sky and thought of that dream and how I doubted God - and in that moment there was a meteor shower (which looked very much like stars falling from the sky).  I hope I explained this well here and that you see the significance of this dream and this meteor shower in my life.  I think that God said to me through this dream and through that meteor shower, “Don’t ever doubt me, I am God and I created everything, even the universe.”  I also think that He said through the stars falling (the meteor shower )that He is All Powerful and can do anything – including making those stars fall from the sky.  One other thing that sticks out in my mind, is that He is in control.  While I did see the relationship between the dream and the meteor shower right away – it took me a long time, years even, to realize how much this dream would mean to me throughout my life.   I often refer back to this dream when I face troubles or uncertainty and know that God has made himself known to me and that I can never doubt Him, he will always be with me.

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